UV sterilizer box with wireless charging function

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Material: ABS + Quartz tube; Special Feature: Portable, Easy to Install, Quiet; Brand: Kanfur;
About this item:
Safe UV-C light. Remove 99.99% of germs.
1. Smartphone UV Sanitizer: This portable smartphone sanitizer is a convenient and safe way to sterilize your phones. The wireless smartphone sanitizer uses bacteria-zapping UV disinfection light targets in those difficult to reach areas, eliminating germs and up to 99.9% of bacteria. This makes the portable cell phone sterilizer a powerful and comprehensive disinfection device.
2. Wireless Charging: This smartphone sterilizer has a wireless charging function, it can be recharged anywhere and anytime. The phone disinfector has a sleek, ergonomic, and compact design making it easy to bring everywhere you go. You can clean your cellphone with its case on whether you’re at work, at home, or traveling by car.
3. Compatible With Most Cell Phones: This UV light sterilizer box fits all phones smaller than 6.6 inches. Whether you have an iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or other cell phone brands, there’s no need to worry about it not fitting your phone.
4. Multi-functional UV Sanitizer Box: This portable smartphone sanitizer disinfects not only cell phones, but also face masks, keys, toothbrushes, earphones, watches, and anything else that can fit in the box. Not only does the cell phone sanitizer keep your belongings germ free, but also the uv sterilizer works like an aromatherapy diffuser. Simply add a couple of your favorite aroma drops inside, your phone will be freshened while sanitizing.
5. Easy to Operate: This UV light sanitizer is super easy to use, just long press the button to turn on or off the device, and short press the button to sterilize. The smartphone sanitizer can completely disinfect your phone, even the crevices that the cloth cannot reach. Sterilization is easy and fast as it only needs 6 minutes. Just put your phone in the box while you leave or charge it overnight.
UV sterilizer box support the disinfection of daily necessities such as mobile phones, masks, bluetooth headsets, watches and keys, brings us a healthy live environment.

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Product Introduction

UV sterilizer box with ozone, uses 254nm cold cathode ultraviolet lamp to illuminate the surface of the object, and it can produce a certain concentration of ozone, which can kill the virus and bacteria.

Main Features

1. Sterilization rate: 99.99%

2. The product has long service life and strong durability

3. Delicate and compact, easy to carry, no space

4. Comprehensive disinfection and sterilization, side cross ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, 360 degree circulation without dead angle.

5. Optional wireless charging function of mobile phone, which can kill bacteria during charging.



Product Name UV Sterilizer Box KFR-XDH001
Function phone/beauty tools /eyeglasses / watches
Beauty makeup tools / Daily care tools disinfection
2.Eliminate 99% of bacteria in 3 minutes
3.Professional ultraviolet sterilization technology

4.Wireless Charging

Product Size 230*123*56.5mm
Power 3W/5W
Packing list UVC Sterilizing Box * 1, USB Cable* 1, User Manual * 1, 



The UV disinfection box can be widely used in the sterilization of the daily necessities such as mobile phones, masks, bluetooth headsets, watches and keys, brings us a healthy live environment. 



1. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to your eyes and skin, please close the cover when sterilizing.

2. This is not a toy, please keep it away from children.

3. If it is a model with wireless charging, please use a 5V2A charger, otherwise the charging efficiency may be poor.

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