36W Portable 254nm Ozone uvc disinfection lamp

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Name: 60W Table UV germicidal lamp; Color: Brown; Brand: Kanfur; Control Method: Remote control;
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❤【EPA CERTIFICATED】With EPA Certificated, Establishment Number: 97861-CHN-1, The lamp is legal and valid to sell. With UVC light & Ozone, the sterilization rate can be up to 99% for cleaning the air.
❤【DUAL STERILIZATION】Ultraviolet can destroy DNA of organism, make it lose reproductive ability and die; Ozone can fast oxidation, decomposition, remove odors, no residue and secondary pollution.
❤【SAFE TO USE】Third gear can be timed 15/30/60 minutes, 15 seconds delay to start, to ensure people leave safely. Powerful remote control function can let you partition wall remote control.
❤【WITH OZONE】Micro-ozone lamp, ozone has in addition to formaldehyde, odor and other functions, and ozone is a gas, can fill the entire room, without the influence of obstacles, to achieve no dead angle. Ozone contains peculiar smell, which requires ventilation after completed.
❤【WARNING】When the product is working, no people or pets around. Avoid damage to skin and eyes. After use, it is recommended to ventilate for more than 30 minutes.
UVC disinfection lamp helps kill bacteria, viruses, allergens, and mold efficiently. It's a chemical free sanitation method that disinfects in 360° to help create a safer living environment with ease.

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The Kanfur UVC disinfection lamp is an ozone and ozone free , remote powered UVC sanitation lamp. Using germicidal UVC lamp has an effective disinfection range of up to 60 square meter.

This size is large enough to disinfect most rooms in a very quick and effective manner.

The timers range from 15-60 minutes and after the disinfection cycle completes, The UVC lamp automatically shuts down. It can comes with an easy to use remote as well, so you can use the UVC lamp at a distance with ease.Using the UV

disinfection lamp, pathogens and allergens and mold are killed quickly, and easily.

UV lamp Parameters-min

What's in the box?

The Kanfur UV-C Lamp

The Kanfur's Remote

An instruction manual

UV lamp details (3)-min


Voltage: 110V/220V

Wattage: 36W/60W

Tube material: Quartz UV lamp

Wavelength: 253.7nm

Service life: 8000 hours

Function: Three-gear timing (15min, 30min, 60min), delayed startup and remote wireless remote control.

Plug standards: national standard, American Standard (UL certification), European standard.

Size: 14*14*44(CM)

Weight: 1.5kg


Press and hold the ON / OFF key,

Set your custom disinfection time, for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Disinfection function will be activated after 15 beeps.

The Kanfur UV disinfection lamp automatically turns off after running for the set

Return to the room and enjoy a clean, fresh room.

What are the benefits of a UVC disinfection Lamp?

UVC light has been shown to inactivate viruses and can kill bacteria and germs

We adjust timers to conform to different room sizes.

This yields good results and clean rooms.

The disinfection that comes from UVC light disrupts the DNA of bacteria and viruses and they cannot build up an immune response to it.

As these pathogens are exposed to UVC light, they're rendered inactivated, can't reproduce, and become ineffective.

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