• 222NM EXCIMER FAR UVC LAMP New Design Arrives

    222NM EXCIMER FAR UVC LAMP New Design Arrives

    Brand: Kanfur;
    Light Source Wattage: 20W;
    UV Wavelength: 222nm;
    Material: Aluminum + Quartz uv tube;

    Its featurers are below.
    1. No harm to human and animals, much safer than tradional 254 nm UVC lamp;
    2. Proprietary Safety Filter Technology Included to Ensure Narrowband 222nm Emission;
    3. Mercury Free - Environmental Friendly;
    4. Large Production Capacity;
    5. Effective Germicidal Wavelength;
    6. Effective Reduction of Viruses, Bacteria, and Spores;
    7. Wide Operating Temperature;
    8. Instantaneous On/Off at Full Output Power;
    9. No Lifetime Reduction by Frequent On/Off Cycles;

    222nm far UVC disinfection lamp is designed for long-range surface disinfection with safety. It is harmless to skins, which is more safer top used in the School, Home, Hotel and many public places.